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FOUR Elected Administrators (AKA 'Admins') positions and ONE Scribe position are up for nomination as of wiritng this, May 18, 2021.

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Resignation Overview

For transparency, the following Elected Administrators have volunteered to resign from their positions;

  1. Ammo37#1317 [3.21.2021]
  2. Shushir#4597 3.21.2021]
  3. FurryCombatWombat#4959 [6.8.2021]
  4. RawHawk#1093 [6.9.2021]

For transparency, the following Elected Administrators continue their first term with No resignation;

  1. SillyHalfOrc#5235
  2. Xenagos#6969
  3. Mekkis#8195

Resignation Details

Details provided by each Elected Administrator for each resignation;

I hereby tender my resignation. I'm going to be stepping away from magic completely for awhile. One of the criticisms we've gotten is that we're just "playing government." I had believed that we were actually trying to build something, but it seems true building isn't actually feasible. I'll likely be pulling away from other areas of life too. Farewell and good luck.

My main reason for resigning is specifically due to the fact that I don't think democracy can properly exist while any one person, especially one who's willing to attack the democratic foundations of the format, wields such power. I sincerely hope I'm wrong for your sake and all the remaining EA's.
Good luck, and may the cards be in your favor.
If Hobbit continues to choke the democracy of the format, everyone will hopefully see it for what it is.

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What to say what to say? Hmmmm.

I guess at the beginning would be a good place to start. I heard Mitch announce Captain and got very excited. Being a Socialist I instantly thought this is what we need to introduce democracy into a game I have been in for over 18 years now. Hierarchy based rules will also flounder in comparison. I ran to my PC, created the current official Captain subreddit /r/MTGCaptain. It seems mere moments later people were flooding in and it began.

Little did I know (literal) Nazis and bigots of all other natures too were battling inside Mitch's Captain discord for domonance over progressives. Had I known this at that time or that while the names change, the results stay the same, I probably would have watched from the side lines and let Captain die in a week.

Alas I am stubborn and a perfectionist mixed with extreme civil rights activism. I jumped into discord and with a decade of IT cyber security reached out to the moderators of discord to tell them of all the obvious to me holes that need the most attention of patching. I gave my credentials, intentions, and offer to help. Basically got a 'fuck off we're busy' which wasn't a lie but also was very naive. I watched every report I gave come true. It went from daily events coming true to it lasting weeks, months, and now 9 months total. Wow has time gone by. One favorite moment in this time was being the one to put the final nail in LawyersPlaysDota2 coffin. Very satisfied when even Alex of all people complimented and praised me for knowing how to deal with Bigots. It was a skill I have sharpened since.

Soon after I developed the current official Captain website and at around this time all other IT left as the mods could not even find the 30 seconds to fix the IT role to allow us to send text and use voice. Alex was asked by many and denied all stating he was too busy to help meanwhile the format renaming conversations were getting full support.

Going toe to toe with Nazis in the start to now toe to toe with authoritarians who would rather lie, cheat, and self-mutilate the format than let democracy win. I have found yet again another prediction (published May 26, 2021) come true.

It was found that Alex admitted in confidence with select members to seeking some way, any way to get rid of myself while not losing community support. This information was given to me by whistle blowers from as early as January 2021 to a time and date I will withhold for their own safety. Hobbit had tried to wield authoritarian powers over Elected Administrators back in March 21, 2021. Causing two Elected Administrators to resign as they knew the Elected Adminstrators would not gain support from the loud minority members of Captain to overturn Hobbit without a fight. This fight would be unnessusary and is only maintained as a power grab for the sake of having power not the use of it.

Defeated not by one member but by the many Captain members, Hobbit announced their resignation from Captain and has moved on to 'new projects'.

And so, the community moved forward. However this is a bit too optimistic for reality. Sadly.

Then came the bigots the next day until present. Myself and a few others continue to receive random throw away account messages with slurs, hate speech, and bigotry demanding we all quit. We are almost their folks, I swear! This ship is almost full circle.

It was in the last half of May things started to get wild. Attempts through false legal claims were made on many fronts, all of which were internal. Dog whistles to dismantle democracy (which was voted on by the many) in favor of authroitarian hierarchy. With no legal teeth behind these claims they were dusted off.

Through careful planning Hobbit coordinated a I will admit very clever coup. Coming back from the grave he was force buried into, Hobbit made half-baked legal threats until someone would crack. This was the opportunity needed. It was just a matter of time as the cheese was placed in the trap.

June 7, 2021 I asked a mod (whom I feel we mutually respect each other) and got approval (as previously LGBTQ+ topics were banned up to this point for falsely being a get this, a 'political' topic) to talk about Pride month. I went to Social Media and got an insensitive response from someone I respect, and soon after a reponse from someone who well... On numerous occassions in voice chat had no problem calling 'my kind' the F@& word. One mod and I have had chats with him before so I know the mods know about this persons Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde nature. Bigots like these never left. But they are not the reason I am leaving as their petty acts of hate speech are not what killed Captain.

With no notice and no follow up I am suddenly perma banned from that discord. You can imagine my reaction being that I talk about a forbidden topic that just got approval and then get the boot with zero people telling me what is going on.

Well now, as it turns out Alex used Hobbits hysterical half-baked legal claims as a reason to eject me. Anyone with a high school education would see those documents and laugh the server out the door. Not that Alex will release any of the Captain chats behind closed doors as required by Captains foundation or the foundation of how the Mods got their power. With this Alex and their cliche believed this to essentially be myself becoming dissolved from the format. However the mods much to Alex dismay never had this power.

In a hypothetical court room, the Elected Administrators are closer to a jury of peers where as the mods are closer to a police officer that must follow the law. Do with this information as you will.

Alex did also find a chronology of every single power group, all the trolls, coups, and all other information for transparency purposes readily available in their discord server. This information is all public knowledge and organized to help correct would be power grabbers of their past and likley future. This page was not intended to be public as it was only a backup of known information. It was removed as it was not untrue, rather it triggered a lot of snowflakes which was not the purpose of this document. I expect by the time you are reading this discord, such text may be getting purged or history rewritten to fit a certain narrative. This. This right here is why I am quitting Elected Administrator position.

It was not the bigots, the trolls, the predictable and laughable results of authoritarian smooth brains. It was that those who promised not to over reach did so and were rewarded, while those who faught against oligarchy were salted down and burrated. One by one progressivist left.

I imagine I will continue to be told by the half dozen or so whistle blowers of silly stupid behaviour. We will laugh together knowing while democracy was ejected, it is not dead. To those out there unsure, I ask you. Please see what this is and who seeks to control it.

While Hobbit today (June 9, 2021) would like to see myself and the other 3 EAs as well as the 3 mods be masters of this format I cannot be in a format that would not ask it's members to vote on this rapid change. I know it will happen as Hobbit runs the show now.

The Captain discord is now three small children in their dad's trench coat trying to get into the movie theater all three lieing about their age forgetting who is supposed to be the head.

With this, I resign. To not pull a Hobbit and try to crawl back ragged and bagged. I have deleted all IT super admin accounts and all Social Media back doors. If you forget your social media password you now have zero support in fixing it. Sorry folks, I really am. You have no more IT left.

In addition I am going to make a lottery of all Captain discord members who have not talked in the last 30 days and will give them the website. It will literally be safer in a strangers hands than an authoritarian who would rather self-mutilate the format to make a point. The website is hosted on github and Decidim while almost completed is spinning down. It will remain archived and available until July 9th to be booted up should someone be able to contact me and prove they are part of Captain, account is older than 30 days, and can answer a few complex IT questions to prove they understand what they are volunteering for.

Hobbit, when we first were chatting you seemed like a really cool guy even though you sell death of a living. Losing sleep over it I thought you showed promise and humility. I was mistaken.

VanVelding, I know you think lowly of me. Going so far to compare me the Socialist to a polar opposite Laywers Nazi. Fear not, I will not nuke any accounts. Between us I am a professional and have dealt with more prickly people than yourself. Love ya my sweet summer child!

Alex, Hey gorg how are you. Girl that wig is snatched. Bye Feliciaaaa!

Mahijok and Hammer. We didn't chat much in the end but I liked you two. Both of you were usually able to see through Alex BS though I do not blame you for having to do things because you were told to and things you were told not to do. It's part of the unpaid job I guess... Still respect you both outside of Captain.

Orc, now that we do not have the pleasure in daily dealings together my ears are going to feel so much better. No more whistling for me, but hey keep playing those tunes.

Foot, while you did totally ghost me in the end I still really liked gaming with you and your bro. Both of you are cool.

David, you were always a pleasure to talk to and had some great Golgari plays. Your sense of humor and putting up with my terrible humor was great.

Blind, we never gamed but I felt you were always able to see through the sludge and nuance of those would be power trippers. I feel you have a good head of your sholders.

Xen, you were always honest and never held back calling out the cringe. Loved working with ya and will take pleasure in the memories on the first Captain discord calling out the grifters. This will be my last shout out, hope you enjoy the fireworks ahead!

I would mention more but many of them have moved on but stay here to watch the tea being spilled like a good drama flick.
To anyone else I may have forgotten, farewell and take care.. I hope to see you another brighter day!
❤ RawHawk#1093