Captain's Ship Sunk - 8 Months Of Effect Defeated By Authoritarians

Yeppers, you read that right. Captain is over. Done. Finished.

You may be wondering 'what happened?'

TLDR; Authoritarians will disagree but a cabal shadow group abused their powers they promised not to abuse to overthrow the democratic members and silence those otherwise unfit to have a voice.

This is not going to be a long article. Just be aware the same authoritarians who threw slander to those they disagree with are still out there rebranding their old nazi associate image to new discords to rinse and repeat.
See below for the rebranded same discord server that is destined to be imploded from deep within any day now. Discord

And let's not forget the OG authoritarian, Jakie boy's discord;
I would love to see the books undoctored to show where the money is going ;)

If you come across these be aware their roots are with nazis and their active agenda is forced authoritarian control by any means nessusary.
No matter how they wish to 'distance' themselves from Captain they cannot 'distance' themselves with past, present, and future Nazism.