Untapped is the third and successful evolution from the previous MTG Captain format.

Untapped is a safe space anyone can come together, chat, debate magic / fantasy / and even world events!
There are only a simple ask if you make the choice to join the next step in this journey. It is really simple.

Don't Be A Bigot!

Yes that is it. So simple right.
When you are ready to abide by this easy to follow step click the image below to be sent to the Discord server where we await you.
Be sure to read and react to the EULA once you enter to access all the channels.

See you there, friend 😊


MTG Captain Rule Changes - June 2022

It is not often changes to the original Captain occur with the malicious take over of the previous dead Discord server we no longer support or condone.
However we are tickled to show how progress can be made. How this progress can be owned and acknowledged from even the most regressive side of the isle.

Want to see what the MTG Captain rules would look like today? Click below:

  • Card Legality

  • Note: No one made this change - it is 100% automated as per the original community vote.

    Time Spiral

    No no, not the Time Spiral set. If you would like to see the historical version of what this website used to look like before the rebranding of MTG Captain to Untapped.

    Click the button below to see MTG Captain Version 2.5;

  • MTG Captain 2.5